Test a Web App (and In-App Purchases) for Amazon App Store

Once you have created your web app, you can insert it in Amazon App Store, as shown in this article: Inserting a WebApp in the Amazon App Store.

Before you submit your web app to Amazon, you must test it. To test it, you must use these instruments:

  • an Android device
  • Amazon App Store: the official app store of Amazon, where you will publish your application
  • Amazon Web App Tester: an Android application to test your online web app
  • Amazon SDK Tester: an Android application to test in-app purchasing


Install Web App Store and Web App Tester

To install Amazon Web App Tester, you must install Amazon App Store before.
Go to http://www.amazon.com/getappstore with your Android device and download the app store. Install and open app store. If you have problems during the installation of the app make sure you’ve enabled the installation of components from unknown sources on your Android device.

Once you open app store, you must sign in with your Amazon account. After sign in, you search “Web App Tester” in App Store, download and install it.

The Amazon Web App Tester is a tool to test your online application on Android Web View, the latter is a full screen application like a browser, but it don’t have URL bar and other buttons. This step is necessary to test your web app to find CSS and Javascript bugs.

Open Web App Tester, insert the URL of your application in text field and click Save.
Under the URL bar, you can see the URLs you entered and some buttons at the bottom of the page that are used to clean the cache. Click Android Web View for the URL you want to test.

To refresh the webpage or reload a new URL, open context menu and click Choose URL.


Install SDK Tester and test cases

Amazon SDK Tester is required to test in-app purchasing on your web app.

The APK file of SDK Tester is within Amazon Mobile SDK: you can download it here: https://developer.amazon.com/sdk/thank-you.html. The APK is in Android > InAppPurchasing > tools. You must install it on your Android device. You can install it to device using ADB:

adb install AmazonSDKTester.apk

You can download ADB tool here: https://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html.

You must copy the JSON for in-app purchases of your application on the device:

adb push /source/amazon.sdktester.json /mnt/sdcard/amazon.sdktester.json

In this case /source/ is the folder of your source JSON.

An example of JSON is:

"inapp.item.cons" : {
"itemType": "CONSUMABLE",
"price": 1.59,
"title": "Consumable Item",
"description": "A consumable item",
"smallIconUrl": "http://www.aureliomerenda.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/logo.png"

"inapp.item.entit" : {
"itemType": "ENTITLED",
"price": 3.99,
"title": "Entitled Item",
"description": "A entitled item",
"smallIconUrl": "http://www.aureliomerenda.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/logo.png"

"inapp.item.subsc.weekly" : {
"itemType" : "SUBSCRIPTION",
"price" : 9.99,
"title": "Subscription Item",
"description": "A subscription item",
"smallIconUrl": "http://www.aureliomerenda.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/logo.png",
"subscriptionParent": "inapp.item.subsc"

To know the kinds of item (consumable, entitled and subscription) read this article: Inserting a WebApp in the Amazon App Store.

After you open SDK Tester, you can see 3 buttons:

  • Active Transactions: on this page, you can view and delete all transactions of your web app
  • Change Logged in User: on this page, you can change username to test in-app purchases
  • Interactive Mode Preferences: on this page, you can change the environment of your test, to test different cases. For example, you can to fail purchaseItem() or getPurchaseUpdates() methods.

If you can change your username or options in Interactive Mode, after you must open the Amazon Web App Tester and load your web app to see the effects of your changes.

If you purchase an item on your web app, to see the transactions you must re-open the SDK Tester and click Active Transactions. You can delete one or all transactions.

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