novembre 2013

Test a Web App (and In-App Purchases) for Amazon App Store

Once you have created your web app, you can insert it in Amazon App Store, as shown in this article: Inserting a WebApp in the Amazon App Store.

Before you submit your web app to Amazon, you must test it. To test it, you must use these instruments:

  • an Android device
  • Amazon App Store: the official app store of Amazon, where you will publish your application
  • Amazon Web App Tester: an Android application to test your online web app
  • Amazon SDK Tester: an Android application to test in-app purchasing


Inserting a WebApp in Amazon App Store

Amazon Appstore is an Android MarketPlace. But Amazon now accept also web apps.
I explain how to submit your web app in the Amazon App Store and what rules must comply with the web app, to be accepted and to be included in the marketplace.

Track custom var on Google Analytics Universal (analytics.js): the Custom Dimensions

There are two kind of Google Analytics accounts: Classic, the standard version, and Universal, a new version of analytics, currently in public beta.

In Google Analytics Classic, you can use Custom Variables for tracking additional data in Google Analytics (e.g. logged/unlogged user, male/female visitors, levels in games, etc.).

In Google Analytics Universal, you can’t use custom variables but you can use Custom Dimensions.

Tracking more analytics data (GA, MixPanel) with a single tool is a tool for tracking analytics data of more services (e.g. Google Analytics, MixPanel, Intercom, Flurry, KISSmetrics, HitTail), using an unique tool, a single set of commands and without you having to integrate each provider individually. (altro…)